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French Language, Local Customs & Culture 

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What is Ella parle français ?

Ella parle français is an online platform to study the French language in a relaxed conversation driven environment.

It doesn’t have to be sooo serious. Entertained students  are more likely to stick to the program and learn fast.

Always available, at any time, any place; short lessons for busy people. You can do your lessons on your computer or download the app to your phone. New unique & concise lessons will be added constantly.

Who is it for?

Everyone has their own reason for wanting to learn a new language. That’s why we cater our Quebec Standard French Courses to different needs and levels, may it be for traveling, educational or immigration purposes.

When you're learning French with a top language coaching expert, complicated grammar is simplified, you can understand and reach your goals fast.

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What Sets Us Apart

Here's why you should learn with Ella.

Short & Sweet

We keep our lessons to digestible snippets so you're not overwhelmed and actually have the time to commit.

Lesson Options

We know there are many reasons why you want to learn French, so specific curriculums were made with that in mind.

Professionally Built

Our curriculum is carefully built in order to optimize for success and real results. Available on your desktop or mobile app.

Learning a new language can be intimidating.

That's why you will find here digestible bites of information and fun class environments where you feel comfortable putting yourself out there. 

At your own pace.

See For Yourself

What's Included

So you can start hearing the results.

Fun quizzes and other interactive materials to help you test and retain your knowledge. 

PDF breakdowns of each lesson video to help you read and learn along. 

Open lines of communication with Ella so you can make the most out of your classes.

"My story must be the same as thousands of others. Which is, it took years of trying to find a French language course with a schedule that worked around me, my work, school & family. FINALLY! Here I am, where I want/need to be. I heard you Ella, on the podcast 'Do you speak French?' with Saliha. Your approach to teaching French convinced me that what you had to offer would be exactly what I needed. I finished you first class on French Alphabets, WOW, 23 years of living in Quebec, I thought I knew the French alphabet. Clearly NO! "


"One of the best online courses I've ever tried. Always had issues with understanding the French pronunciation. This course made it much more clear for me. Thanks Ella!"

Eugene Kumanovsky
IT Analyst

"Ella is an excellent French teacher with many years’ teaching experience. I learned French from her as a beginner level. She was really patient and professional. She guided me out of the complicated grammar rules, built my confidence to speak French, and helped me pass TEFAQ. I strongly recommended her. I believe students will benefit a lot from her courses!"

Joyce Wu
Children Book Editor

"Because of my busy schedule, I always had trouble with finding French Courses that I could actually attend. With Ella, I learned quickly, kept engaged in the lessons, and it's improved my French immensely."

Helena Reinfels

"It is an excellent option for those who like dynamic and non-traditional classes. This course is way better than buying dictionaries or always another self-taught method. It is explained in a better way and offers phonetic assistance."

Alejandro Alfaro Barrio
Tourist Guide

"Just now finished a lesson on IPA. Earlier I was taught the alphabet but I didn’t know about phonetics. But really, thank you: this one video taught me the very basic which I lacked for the past years."

Suji Grammy

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